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Thread: Lake Anna Map Recommendation

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    Thanks for all the suggestions. I already picked up a GMCO map that has shown me a LOT of underwater structure I was unaware of. Additional road beds, bridges and buildings that will be worth scanning. I've been using the Navionics web app as well, which has been helpful in the past. But like Wayne said, it's rather incomplete. If I lake fished more I wouldn't hesitate to pick up a Lakemaster or SmartStrike card for my Helix. But I river fish 95% of the time with my only lake time being our annual 4 day Anna trip and possibly another weekend squeezed in on another lake during the year.

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    Dont forget you can still use the Navionics Web App for free. If you going to be fishing the East Coast a majority of the time, I would look at the Navionics+ Region East, its $149 and it's preloaded with SonarCharts and Nautical Charts of all the Lakes and Rivers from Maine to South Carolina.

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