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    Anybody have any experience with the Stratos line of boats. Particularly the Stratos 285 Pro XL? Thanks for any feedback good or bad.

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    I have a 273 and it's my first Stratos. I absolutely love this boat! For a just over 17' boat it handles rough water well and flat out hauls the mail! Plenty of storage and seems to be a very well made boat.

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    I have a '98 Stratos 283 FS (Fish and Ski), I've owned it since '06. It's been a great boat, no complaints here. I'm not sure if the hull design is different on the FS, but it has a decent ride in rough water.

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    I have a 2005 285 PRO XL and love it. Handles rough water extremely well for an 18 footer. Great storage, port rod locker holds 7.5 foot rods (single console model). Lots of room in bilge if you need to work on something. Mine has a 150 HP Yamaha VMAX (carburated) and I have been quite happy with that as well.
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