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Thread: LKA - 12/23/17 - Gotta get the kids out

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    Default LKA - 12/23/17 - Gotta get the kids out

    As many of y'all know, I have three boys, and I have my hands full. That said, I love them all to death, but my 3-yo steals my heart and is my little shadow. I'm his person, and with that he's been hassling me like crazy the last 3-4 weeks to take him fishing. I mean, he's asking me everyday, several times. My wife had him call me the other day, cuz 'he had something he wanted to ask me' and guess what he asked? "Daddy, can we go fishing this afternoon?" I love it, but at the same time I hate it cuz there are just so few opportunities to take him this time of year due to cold and lack of light. I'm stuck saying 'No', a lot.

    So, with the decent temps we'd been having, I was able to get him and my oldest son, Bryce, up to LKA on Saturday the 23rd. They were both amped up and very excited about the opportunity, and they were quickly up and at 'em with the early wake-up call. I wish I had video'd my little one, Cody, waking up. He sat right, big 'ole smile on his face, with groggy red eyes, and as he sat there he started shimmying out of excitement, just like a kid would when he was handed a big bowl of ice cream. It was awesome.

    Anyway...We started out up the North Anna side and saw some birds working across the way from Rose Valley Isl. I decided to stop there and just start casting, and I hooked up on a small striper on like the 3rd cast. I handed the rod off to Bryce and let him have at it while I grabbed the net. After that we started to pick up some perch here and there. I was reeling in a few, handing the rod off to Cody on a few and Bryce was able to hook up on a small handful himself. Everyone was excited and having fun, even Cody, as he did his best with his Paw Patrol rod and small blade bait. I know, risky move with all the trebles, but seriously, this kid is well ahead of the game in situational awareness and coordination. Not your typical 3-yo, and I'm not just saying that cuz he's mine. He blows my mind sometimes...

    We hung out there for a bit and then decided to run around and find some more activity. We ran up the NA towards Tim stopping a few times on active birds and in decent historical areas, but no luck. Just a few more perch here and there. Then a few run arounds and I stopped near the Splits and managed to snag up someones hat. Kids got a kick out of that, and I figured it was probably one of y'alls who's reading this. I know some of y'all VAO dudes have a hard time with hats and boats. It had been down there a while. Ran up the Pamunkey arm to the S-curves and we were around the bait, and I'm sure there were fish there, but they just weren't active. Bryce had fun ripping his blade thru the balls of bait he noticed on the graph, in the hopes of snagging one or two.

    We finished up back around Rose Valley area where we started. As we were wrapping things up a big flock of birds started going to town and we worked our way over. Another boat saw what was going on too, and he moved in at about the same time we got there. We both cast and cast right where we needed to for several minutes, expecting to hook-up, but amazingly, I got nothing. He finally hooked up on one, but then they all disappeared. He reported that he had done real well earlier in the day up in and around C-Run. Also, I chatted with a James R. up the Pamunkey arm in the S-Curves, and he hung around for an hour after we left that area, with no luck at all. Just loads and loads of bait...maybe even too much?

    At this point, about noon, the boys were starting to get cold, hungry and tired. Who knew fishing was so tiring, right? We wrapped up and they were both out within a few minutes of pulling out of Anna Point. Great times, and more memories made with my boys. I was hoping for a day like I had back on the 9th, but it wasn't to be...We didn't whack 'em, but we were together, the snacks were plentiful, and we caught a few, so I'll chalk that up to a success.

    Take a kid fishing folks.

    FYI - Water temps were 42-47 in the areas I fished.

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    You're headed on the right track with them EK. Sometimes it really doesn't matter if you don't catch much....just being out there with them and showing them what the outdoors has to offer is more than enough. Great job.
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    Awesome stuff Eric. Just pure awesome!
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    Fantastic. Memories that will be remembered for a lifetime!!

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    Just awesome. You are a great dad. Keep'em on the water!

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    Pretty cool stuff there EK!

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    good stuff!
    I'm about to play my Ace

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    That's a great day!

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