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    We headed down to Buggs yesterday mostly to try out hand out some offshore video game fishing as I've heard it can be quite entertaining in the winter...we launched out of Rudds and immediately began seeing a good amount of bait and seagulls so we sort of poked around and found some fish...Tony caught a striper pretty quickly off the bat and shortly after that I caught a drum which was pretty cool as neither of us had ever caught one.....we had a few more bites and decided to check out some other main lake stuff..points, humps etc...we burned some gas and looked around but never saw much of anything else that was worth fishing...we headed up to grassy creek...water was even colder there 38/39ish but did see a good amount of striper boats in that area, got a cool screen shot of one of the sunken bridges and decided to head back to Rudds as that was the only place we had really saw fish/bait...went back and we caught maybe 8/10 white perch and decided to call it a as the old adage goes...don't leave fish to find fish certainly applied of our buddies that has a house on the lake saw us and came over to talk to us and he said that he hadn't had a bite all day..we shared the area and they started putting a few in the boat also....he usually wacks them pretty good in the winter but he hadn't done much over the weekend and his theory was that the lake really never gets this cold 39/41 and we talked to 2 older gents as we where pulling out and they had fished both days and never caught a fish....
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    The combination of extreme cold and extremely low water levels has the lake in a funk. Gonna be an interesting spring.

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    Sounds like a nice trash fish day was had! Good job Team Perch Jerkers!

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    I fish a lot in the winter and when the water gets down to 40 on a warmwater lake like Buggs it's TOUGH. Glad you guys were able to scratch out a few fish.

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    fish gotta eat so its just a matter of finding them...good job...

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