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Thread: 2-15-18 LKA report

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    Default 2-15-18 LKA report

    This is not so much of a fishing report as it is a condition of the lake report.
    Took my time yesterday morning and put in at Anna Point at 8AM. Was off the water by 1:30PM.
    Threw JB's, jigs, A-rig, etc. Two hookups.
    Lake is about 2" above pool.

    Temps and conditions:
    8am....Marina......43*.....slightly stained.
    9am....1/3 way back in Contrary.......43*.....slightly stained
    10am...Boggs Point (across from plant).......47*.......fairly clear
    11am....Mouth of Dukes creek........48*......clear
    Noon......Splits at Big Ben flats.......45*......moderately stained
    1pm.......back of Plentiful Creek......46*......muddy
    CAUTION: Lots of flotsom and some logs and lumber in upper portions......Be ON the lookout.
    NOTE: Now that the lake is back up, you may have to change your launching method a bit due to the angle of the new ramp. The new one is not as steep as the old one.
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    Thanks for the updates, Larry.

    This is all good to see/know.

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    All great input thank you sir for the update. 2" above full pool how awesome is that
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    thank you for the update

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