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Thread: Presidents day-team J-Square

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    Default Presidents day-team J-Square

    Team J-square was in no mood to do a lot of running around on this one, so we took our time blasting off. Got started about 0730 and idled over into pigeon creek. We fished a few community holes and points with no success. Decided to run over to Hairfield and give it a try. Lots of loons were there so it was a no brainer. If that creek has bait in it the bass are there. If it doesnít, donít even bother fishing it until you get close to spawning time. We caught 3 or 4 on jerk baits. Fished it all the way to the back and out again, but the bass were only out towards the mouth of the cove. No doubt in my mind we left some there. We threw nothing but jerk baits. That was probably a mistake. Our next stop was Sturgeon Creek. Started on the flat in the back and caught 5 or 6 there. A couple solid 2+ pounders but mostly smaller bass. Afterwards we fished the right side all the way out past the no wake area and beyond, picking up a couple more 2+ pounders along the way. That pretty much sums up our entire day. Power fished jerk baits the entire day. Maybe a mistake, but thats what we like to do, power fish, lol.
    No big ones today but a solid bag and good enough for supper money, haha. Congratulations to everyone that showed up and to wayne and nate for a great job getting it done!
    The pre spawn feeding has begun fellas.
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    Nice job Jim!
    I'm about to play my Ace

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    Good job Team J2! Maybe throw a swimbait too to mix it up? lol

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    Sounds like a pretty darn good day to me. I'd be ecstatic with that many LKA fish in one outing. LOL

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    Nice job Jim and Jim. Hate getting beat by 0.23 lbs. But if we have to be beat, I wouldn't want it to be anybody else but you
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