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    I got to get out on the hotside for a few hours yesterday and got to catch a few....caught one pretty nice one up in pool 1. The fish were periodically schooling but the fish seemed to be more fish here one fish here...there were a few times were fish multiple fish came up schooling and those were easier to catch. The bait was so schooled up that blue herons were diving in the bait a few times when they came close to the Dyke..I had never saw that before so that was pretty cool...Caught a few others on swimbaits, mostly around rock piles and I had my first bite of the year on a plopper but it came off...still looking for the first top water fish of the year...waster had come down almost 10 degrees since the last time I was was around 60
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    Glad you got out to catch a few. Always fun to catch a schoolie. Surprised to hear the temp has dropped that much.. makes me wonder if they are not pulling much water. Was it much current in the canals?

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    Reactor 1 is currently down for scheduled maintenance/refueling. Not sure exactly when they shut it down, but it was scheduled to be done on the 11th. I bet that's why there was such a significant drop in water temp. Was discharging at 75 a week or two ago, this morning it's discharging at 70.

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    Seems so far away from topwater fishing! lol

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