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Thread: Kerr, VA East FoM, 17 MAR 2018

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    Default Kerr, VA East FoM, 17 MAR 2018

    There are always two sides to every story - sometimes a good side, the other bad. Such was the case at Kerr this past weekend. The recent rains brought the lake back up to ~about where it should be this time of year. The downside is it's heavily stained. In some places it's muddy. I heard Nutbush was fairly clear but didn't go that far. Also, the recent cold weather and snow dropped water temps significantly in a very short period. Needless to say, the fish were in a funk.

    Practice, 15-16 MAR. I focused on points. With water temps ranging from 45-47* and the water level at 299+ I didn't think there'd be much of a brush bite. The hard temperature swing we experienced last week (after a major warm spell) threw the fish a wicked curve ball. I guessed they'd pull back a bit. I got lucky. Found plenty of fish willing to eat a jerkbait and a medium running crankbait. These fish were holding in 6-12' of water. The wind kept me off of what I thought would be the best points. No problem - I found fish holding on other main lake and secondary points all the way in the back of creeks. The fish throated the crankbait. I mean they killed it. Jerkbait bites all occurred on the pause but it didn't take much of a pause to entice a strike. I had one fish on a jig. No bites on anything else.

    TX day, 17 MAR. I didn't wear any green. Maybe that was the problem. The aggressive bite I had during practice vanished. I had three fish fairly quickly but they all had the rear treb - and barely. I would be 5 hours before I put keeper #4 in the box. I had many short strikes all day but no takers. I threw the jerkbait for a couple hours and in several setting without so much as a sniff. Same-same with the jig. The crankbait was the only thing they wanted. I am not, by nature, a power fisherman but yesterday I was a runnin' and gunnin' fool. Easily a 2000 cast day. My point pattern held up (I hit 42 of them). I was finally able to get on some of the stuff I missed during practice because of the wind. A couple of those points produced. The problem was the number of aggressive bites dropped way off. Once again I failed to make the proper adjustment. I finished the day w/ 4 fish for 6 and some change.

    Observations. 1) Red clay and natural chunk rock were better than sand or riprap. 2) I saw lots of baitfish in the backs of creeks during practice. It all but disappeared on TX day. I have no clue where it went. 3) My fish came from 6-12'. Everything I graphed was holding tight to the bottom. The bait had to hit something in order to draw a strike. 4) Lots of red lips and gullets. 5) Water temps ranged form 44.3 on THUR AM (OSP) to 49.4 on SAT PM (midlake). Water temps warmed steadily throughout the weekend in places where the wind didn't affect it. 6) Water clarity ranged form ~12" vic OSP to ~2-3' in backs of Rudd's and Butcher's Creeks. 7) My most aggressive bites occurred in the dirtiest water.

    The new VA East director, Andy Lavin, put on a superb show. We had 33 boats (more than twice what the division averaged last year). Looking forward to a great season w/Andy at the helm.


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    nice job 31
    Make VAO Great again

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    Thanks for the report. You're due, dude...

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    Good report 31. The fishing Saturday seemed to be off all over.

    2004 Fishers of Men VA-East Division Champions

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    Thanks for the Report 31! It was great seeing you as always, it was a pretty tough day for everyone on Saturday.

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