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    Thursday - Tried to get there early as the wind was going to get up, but had a truck issue and didn't get in until after 10. Had three fish in three hours, all three fish were studs. Two 4lb and one over 6. I don't catch a lot of big fish, so have a hard time judging them, but he was well north of 6. It got bad windy, so I headed out.

    Spent all day Friday down around Craddock and Gills without any luck. It was very rough and windy and hard to fish.

    Fished the Anglers Choice tourney on Sat. Had a limit, but not much size. We had 5 for 11.26

    Lots of big bags came in. 24 something won it.

    caught most of my fish on an A rig and a few on a jerkbait. Water temps were 43-47

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    A day on the water is better than a day at work, which is what I was doing yesterday. There have been a lot of good bags being weighed this year, but also many zero's showing up. I just looked at the results from the Angler's tournament yesterday, 66 boats not weighing a fish. Congratulations on your day, and thanks for the report.

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