Today's crew wanted to fill a cooler so we put 11 nice blue cats in the cooler and released a few more. A cold 20mph clipper wind made us move on the turn around so maybe we could have caught more for the cooler but we did add a few at some less windy spots. Darn that was cold wind. No convict bass today.

Capt Mike

While I like meeting and fishing with new customers, there is a comfortable familiarity with the regulars. Yesterday and today were good ways to start off the season, with a few of those regulars. Yesterday, Capt Mike and I combined for almost 500 pounds of blue cats. Today, maybe two hundred and fifty to three hundred pounds. It started off nice but, when the the tide turned a cold air mass came with three times the predicted winds for about an hour or two. We changed spots twice ( just to hide from the wind) and made a day of it. In the end, everyone was happy with the results. I see Jim again next Sunday.

Capt Dave