Last double report was the incorrect date but heck I am tired and it is Monday. So the wind on Sunday was all wrong and only gave us one place to avoid it. Since my charter only had one person and Capt Dave's charter was only one person we decided to all hop into my boat. All agreed if the weather was not fishable then we would head back to the dock. Ride up to bridge was snotty with some 3 footers mixed in but found a leeward spot that showed a few fish..not gangbusters but a few. Setup and the boat was crazy swinging on the hook so I tried a drift sock but still spun around on the swilling winds. Used two anchors and got the boat abreast the waves..So we pitched and rolled for awhile. Caught a few, but it was just slow. Tide turned and boat straighten up good and bam several good fish landed. The pics do not show how big they where. Tried one more spot south but all dinks.

Capt Mike
Capt Dave