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Thread: Kerr, FoM VA West, 29-31 MAR 2018

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    Default Kerr, FoM VA West, 29-31 MAR 2018

    A handful of lessons from this outing: not all points are created equal, if you expect to finish at a high level you have to execute at a high level, and spring is spring and weather will change.

    Practice: Was pleased to see water temps and level up from my trip 2 weeks ago. Had been tracking the CoE site for Kerr monitoring the rising water. My hopes were it might bring the fish up into places where opportunities to catch them would increase. Hope, however, is not a method. There were fish in the brush (I got bit a few times) but they weren't active where I stopped. With that, I backed off and started where I left off 2 weeks ago. My plan was to work my way in (shallower) until I found something I could pattern. THUR was pretty much a bust but FRI was productive. I found fish holding on points (main lake and secondary) in 4-12'. The moving bait bite I enjoyed 2 weeks ago was gone - not even a sniff on a crankbait, spinnerbait, or jerkbait for me. The jig and c-rig both produced consistently in practice.

    TX day: I started off about half way back one of the midlake creeks and worked a series of points. I got bit (c-rig) in the first few minutes but failed to hook up (poor execution on my part, a theme that replay here in a bit). After 2 hours of point hopping and frustrating misses, I moved further down lake to a main lake point w/ natural chunk rock. Again, I got bit almost right away (jig) but failed to hook up. I worked a string of three points in this area - one rocky, one red clay, and one w/ scattered rock and brush. The latter has a gradual taper that goes from 5' to 30' over an extended length. I hooked up on m y first keeper in about 10-12' (c-rig) - a chunky ~3 lb'er that freight-trained my rig. After that it was ~2 hours of point hopping w/ more bites and more misses. As I worked my way back uplake I pulled into one of those main lake cuts that Kerr is famous for. This one is deeper, more complex, w/ several secondary points and arms in it. After zeroing on the two mainlake points I hit a bit of a jackpot on the first secondary point, banging out 2 small keepers in ~10 minutes or so. I had a third fish hooked up but it broke off half way to the boat - a knick line I failed to check and retie. After fixing that I worked my way thru the remaining 4 or 5 points in this complex w/ several more bites and several more misses. Nothing further to report after that. I finished the day w/ 3 fish for ~5 lbs.

    Observations: 1) Water temps were 52 at launch on THUR (OSP), got up to 56 in some places that afternoon. Still saw 51 on SAT, even after the hard cold front that came thru. Temps didn't get above 53 in the places I stopped. 2) Dirty water is still pumping into the lake from the Dan. Above Goat Island it's pretty much choco milk - maybe 12-18" of viz in some places. Below Goat Island the water conditions improve - I had 2-3' in my main lake cut, ~3' in Panhandle and Rudd's, and ~3' vic Eastland. 3) Points near channel swings were best. Didn't matter if they had rock or clay so long as there was a turn in the channel. 4) Points w/ a gradual taper were better than those w/ steep edges (long points were better than short points, if that makes sense). 5) I did not mark much bait yesterday but what little I saw was holding close to the bottom in the backs of creeks. Lots of gulls and loons around. 6) The early morning bite was lite, very tentative. The bite got more aggressive as the day went on. 7) Fish moved up shallower as the sun came up.

    My execution problem: I'm battling a bad case of tendonitis in my left shoulder. Nothing structurally wrong with it. Just a chronic condition from overuse. My doc says stop fishing. Yeah, right. This ailment is aggravated by the constant up and down motion I make w/ my left hand when I work a slow bait. To avoid the irritation I've started using the reel to move the bait instead of the rod (something I learned from an old friend who suffered w/ the same thing). It worked like a charm save for one thing - I really miss having my finger under the line to feel those lite bites. Not being able to feel the bite w/ my finger left me guessing whether the hang-up was a piece of wood or a fish. 15 times yesterday it was a fish. The good news is the shoulder held up well. The bad news is I've some work to do on feel and execution. My back-up plan is to go to LH reels until the shoulder calms down a bit.

    Philpott and Anna are up next for me in APR. Haven't been to the Pott in a while. Looking forward to seeing nit again. Always love going back to Anna.

    Remember the day, lads and lasses. God's promise of eternal life came true this day. Christ is risen!


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    My shoulders have been killing me the last few years. After getting married and the birth of my first, my yak is gathering dust but my shoulders have improved.

    Hope your shoulders fine some relief. It is an annoying paun.
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    Sounds like the fish are still in a little funk and not eating the bait good. Hope that shoulder gets better! Both of mine are starting to give me a fit as well.

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    Know al too well of the shoulder issue. Mine much better after surgery but will say after a day of casting it'll get a little sore. Don't feel bad about tough bite had my issues myself. I relate most of mine to spring fishing the weather roller coaster throws me off as well as fish and I can't seem to pattern them with it.
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    " Not being able to feel the bite w/ my finger left me guessing whether the hang-up was a piece of wood or a fish. 15 times yesterday it was a fish".
    Try using braid for mainline C-rig with flouro leader after swivel. You will feel "everything".
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    I've gone to braid/fuse for almost everything. Surgeon knot between leader and main line. About all I use flouro/mono for now is crankin and A rig.

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