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Thread: Tidal Potomac 5/5/18

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    Default Tidal Potomac 5/5/18

    Hit the Potomac on Saturday in a friend's boat. He just had it rigged up with twin Talons, two 15" Humminbirds, hydraulic jackplate, a new TM, and he was ready to break them in.

    We fished from 6:30am to 5:30pm. We went as far South as Chickamuxen and as far North as Piscataway. Our best fishing was on small bays on the main river, and anytime we found grass without a ton of boats on it, we caught fish. Water was high 60s to low 70s, with visibility anywhere from 4" to 2 feet. The MD side was noticeably cleaner than the VA side.

    The yellow perch were really aggressive, if I had been targeting them with smaller lures I'm sure I could have had quite a catch. I caught several with two over citation size. This one was 13" and hit a spinnerbait.

    The bass size was less impressive. We caught 20+ fish but the majority were under keeper size with the biggest ones only a little over 3lbs. We caught them on everything. Spinnerbaits, lipless cranks, chatterbaits, -1, senko, craw, swim jig, and even a couple on a buzzbait. Had a couple snakehead encounters too but didn't put any in the boat.

    All in all a really fun day on the water with a lot of action. Can't wait to get out there again!

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    Sounds like a pretty good day, despite the small bass.

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    the yellow perch can flat wear you out this time of year. great pic!

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    Nice perch
    I'm about to play my Ace

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