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    Default FOM East 5/12

    Eddie Griggs and I decided to fish this derby at the last minute. We had fished the weekend before with decent but not great success. Our game plan was to flip docks, trees, and pads. We started the day in a pad field trying to get a topwater bite. Within 5 minutes the shad started going crazy spawning in the pads and bass were busted on them. We threw the kitchen sink at them but only caught 2 dinks on a frog and a white menace grub. That lasted about 30 minutes and fizzled out. We moved out a little deeper and I catch keeper #3 on a jerkbait. We make a move to a dock and start pitching to a key spot. I get a bite and set the hook and it's a grown one. Tries to jump once and I see it's at least a 6 lber. I'm bringing it around the boat towards the net and she comes unbuttoned for some reason. I was sick! Took me a while to get my head back after that one. After that heartbreak we ran around fishing trees, docks, and pads. We both broke off a couple more, jumped off a couple more but managed to put a small limit in the boat by 10:30 or so. Later we went back to flipping pads and Eddie breaks one off on a hook set. I flip back to where it was and catch a 3+. Get's a dink out the well. We go to another pad field and Eddie pops another 3+ and get's the other dink out. That would be it for us. We finished with 12.34 which was good enough for 4th on a tough day. Kicking myself because we should have won the thing if I'm able to get that big one in the boat. Nevertheless was a good day fishing with a buddy and good to see some of the VAO guys at the ramp/meeting.

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    Man that sounds like a real heart breaker losing a fish like that. You guys did good though.

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    solid work again E. The Chick is like yours and Eddies ATM

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    Another check for you guys on the Chick. Great job, and sorry about the misses.

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    Sorry to hear about the tough luck out there, Ya'll still had a solid bag considering the days results. Went home with a little change in your pocket also so it worked out well.

    It was good seeing you and meeting Eddie, Hope y'all had a good time. Sorry I didn't have more of a chance to chat with you guys, We've got another on your stomping grounds on 6/30 out of Hopewell!

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