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Thread: Past weekend at Buggs

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    With Buggs rising last weekend we decided to take a trip down and see what was going on. We put in at the state park and headed down lake...tons of floaters in the main channel, water level was at 304 I believe when we put in. We ran around and hit some main lake pockets and some pockets in the larger creeks...we caught fish in the very backs of almost every pocket we hit on a variety of baits...spinner baits, jack hammers, swimbaits and I caught our biggest fish of the day on a popper. We caught a fair amount of fish but nothing really with size. I think we got caught up in the thoughts of fishing the flooded bushes when maybe the better fish where already out a little deeper...I duno.
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    Thanks for the report! Always wondering about Buggs when the water is rising.

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    peaked and holding at 308. almost picnic table depth!

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    High water there can be really fun, and really challenging, especially when it gets that far back in the woods.

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