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Thread: Kayaking is not dead!

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    Default Kayaking is not dead!

    So, clearly I'm here looking for cool people like you to paddle with. The name is Carrie, I'm 28 and an intermediate paddler from Pittsylvania County. I've been multiple trips through several sections of the Dan, the Banister, Staunton, the Shenandoah South Fork, James, Smith, Pigg and miscellaneous lakes. There are many other great rivers to catch a ride on. If there's anyone planning any meet ups soon. Let me know. I would love to connect!

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    Welcome, lots of kayakers here including myself.

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    I got in a kayak for the first time last Sunday. I have a friend who has two nice and upscale models IMO, so comfort and stability was there. We arrived at his lake, showed me the ins and outs of it, and off we went to practice for a few minutes and then fish. Overall a great experience as I felt comfortable in this 11.5 footer and managed 20 fish. I am not in the market right now for one but I could easily see getting one. I see more and more people using kayaks so agree, kayaking is not dead. Good luck.
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    I have one, and really enjoy it. I have yet to tackle any water with significant current, and will need some good practice time before loading up with expensive fishing gear.

    Welcome to the site, and there are plenty of kayak anglers in here to keep the conversation going.

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    When I started in 2009ish, there weren't as many on the lake or river. On the lake, I could find a lot of snagged lures. Now I seldom find any. People are paddling and picking them all up before I get to them.
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