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Thread: FOM Legacy - Lake Chesdin - 5/26/18

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    Default FOM Legacy - Lake Chesdin - 5/26/18

    Fished stop #3 on Saturday with my son Bryce, and we had a great time, but again ended the day with a bit of disappointment.

    This was only my third time ever on the lake, and I had no expectations going in as a result. I was just going to wing-it and hope for a few bites given the conditions. The lake was muddy (6-10" visibility), high (probably 2-3 feet up) and unfamiliar for the most part. That said, I started on a sea-wall and rocky point that I had fished with my wife last summer. I was hoping fish would be up tight on the wall and that I could pick a couple off early. Fortunately, it paid off, and I was rewarded with keeper 1 in the first 20-30min and it was a real confidence booster for Bryce and I. I was working a 3/8oz spinnerbait super tight, and he was picking up the rear with a trick-worm.

    From there, I really just ran the bank and ran similar sea-walls areas and rip-rap for the first few hours. I was able to pick up several keepers, and we had 3 fish in the boat at like 8am. I then decided to back out a touch and throw a DT6 to where the outer grass edge would be, which was currently submerged. This was ticket for the next hour or so. I immediately caught keeper 4 that was barely over 12". We then moved around a point and hit a section where we could have won the tournament from, but my execution absolutely sucked. I hooked a good one, and it shook off at the boat after a quick tail flash. Easily a 4lber...gone. Couple casts later I landed our 5th keeper, and it was a good 3-1/2lber. Couple casts after that and my rod loaded up, a couple big heavy head shakes and was gone. Then just a few more later, another giant of a fish, and she shook off not far from the boat. Easily a 5lber+...gone. Maybe it was the rod, maybe it was me, maybe they were just not great bites on the fishes part, I don't know, but we were heartbroken and I knew those misses would cost us in the end. Regardless, we still felt confident that we were going to be okay. Fortunately, and much to my surprise and satisfaction though, we did have a limit by 8:30am.

    As the day wore on and the rec traffic picked up, the bite wore off for us. I had lost that DT6 to a willow grass root ball, and with that, lost the confidence to do much else. We fished on and I caught one small cull about 11am on a Rage Craw, and then with just a few minutes to spare, Bryce landed a nice 15" fish to cull a good bit off our smallest. Probably a good 1lb upgrade, and that was a big moment on the day for him.

    We came to scales, and as expected everyone caught 'em. I truly believe that if I'm catching them, everyone else is too, and this certainly played out that way on Saturday. I still felt we would be in good shape for possibly getting a little back, but Chesdin can put them out. We had a generally respectable 11.71, but in the end it took 18lbs to win and then a 15 and several 14's. How bad did those misses hurt...a whole lot... I think we could have been in the 16-18 range had we landed those fish, but that's fishing and that's what keeps us coming back and improving our craft.

    I've always been a little indifferent to Chesdin due to lack of experience, but needless to say after the bites we had on Saturday, I'm ready to get back out there and figure that puzzle out. That will happen of course, right after I get a new crankin' rod I can have some confidence in.

    Final event of the FOM Legacy season will be Saturday June 23rd on the Chick, out of Rockahock. Hope to see a bunch of y'all there.

    5/5 - 11.71lbs

    Happy kid, regardless...

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    sounds like you need to order a new cranking rod and a pile of DT'6's....
    I'm about to play my Ace

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    Man that is brutal to lose the big ones. I lost 2 on a crank Saturday but neither was over 2 lbs and both were barely hooked in the tip of the lip. They just didn't eat the bait well. Could have been your problem too? Either way, good job to you both!

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    wow - he's getting big. well done!

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    Sounds like a real nice outing with your son. Sorry about the missed big fish but a good day regardless. I fished that place years ago and there are indeed some heavy ones in the lake.
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