Our pre-fish Friday produced two keepers and three bites. So what do you do when you have nothing? You fish your tournament day as if it were just another practice day and just fish whats in front of you. Thats the approach Jim and I did on our VA East tournament at Lake Chesden yesterday. Long story short; we ended up with 12+ pounds and had two fish jump off at the boat that would have bumped us up to about 16 pounds and change. That would have been enough for a third or forth place finish. I may be rusty, but I am done with this sudden onslaught of poorly hooked fish. Time for some adjustments.
Someone always figures it out though! 21 pounds won it and 17 pounds for second.
We had a small limit early working grass lines until about ten, then switched to points and steeper banks looking to upgrade. We did manage two culls doing this and caught one about 4-1/2 pounds. Even tried ledge fishing the channel edges for about an hour looking for larger fish but to no avail.
Did I mention I miss my Basscat and flasher, haha.