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    I was having a hard time sleeping Friday night with a bad case of the 'fish-brain'. I had to be at my youngest son's last t-ball game at 11am and the other two boys were other places for the night. I saw a small window of opportunity and decided to just go for it... I knew I'd only have 3-hours on the water, so I kept it simple and loaded up the kayak, 3 frog rods, and my frog box. Snakehead was the focus, with the intent to keep one for dinner. It's been a while since I caught one, and I just needed that topwater bite to put my mind at ease.

    Arrived at HSM at about 5:15 with just one other boat there. I slid in and made my way out past the bridge and hit that first creek on the right going out. Low tide was to be at 9:20...which unfortunately was about the time I needed to be back on 95 and headed South. I made do and started on that first corner. On about my 5th or 6th cast I hooked up on a nice 3lb LMB on the black buzz-bait. Not the intent on the day, but no complaints whatsoever. I rolled around that corner and just past the duck-blind I made a long cast with the frog that ran parallel and real tight to the bank line. About halfway back a fish torpedo'd out and was waking on my frog for a good 10-15 feet and then BLAMMMO!!!! It was game on and my yak started going for a ride. It was a great fight and I got pretty dang wet as she got up to the boat...I guess it was payback for sticking those hooks in her face. This was a my first NSH in the kayak, and it was mess of a landing, but I got it in the net, and then realized I forgot my rope and my hand bat for safe keeping. I also forgot my scale, but I'd guess she was in the 8-10lb range based on the one I caught later. I tried to tuck it into my back tank-well under the bungees, but that beast wasn't having it, and she slipped back in to live another day. At this point, had I caught nothing else, it would have been no problem. Seriously, that one bite and fight was enough to satisfy my day...but alas, as you can read in all the other reports going up, the Potomac fish were chewing on Saturday.

    I continued round and about in the creek catching a few more bass, and as the tide dropped out I got a few more NSH bites as well. I missed 3 bites as my time was winding down, and again...they were heart-stopping bites with their absolute vengeance towards killing those frogs. As I worked out of the creek wrapping things up I heard some commotion back over my shoulder. I looked back and was surprised to see two GIANT snakehead doing the dirty. They were making it happen in super shallow water, with both fish being literally half out of the water. Quite the sight to see, and quite interesting to watch in such close quarters. I wasn't but maybe 15-feet away and just drifting along with the outgoing tide. Certainly not something I would have seen had I been fishing along in my big boat. I made a few short flips of the frog to them, but they were too intent with each other to even give my bait a sniff. They slipped off into the depths and that was that. Pretty cool.

    Finally, as I reached the end I came up on a couple folks coming thru with bows in hand. They were eyeballing for some fish and I was throwing the frog as we chatted it up. Just as with most NSH bites, my bait got crushed in mid-sentence. Again, my kayak went for a ride as I don't think I even moved the fish. I really think the fish just stayed where it was and shook it's head as I reeled the kayak into it...LOL. This time the landing was a little cleaner and the nice folks I had just ran into had a hammer they handed off to me. A few good whacks, and I had dinner at my feet. Back to ramp I went and I was loaded up and on the road by 9:15 - right on time. In total there was plenty of action as I landed 2 NSH and 3 or 4 LMB. I missed a few bites from both bass and snakehead as well.

    I weighed this second fish at home at 6.81. It should be noted that this fish was whacked cold 4-5x on the boat. Then she rode in the back of the truck, high and dry for 1:15 with the sun beating on her. She appeared dry and dead when I got home. I dropped her on ice and by the time I got back to it after the baseball game it had been on ice for about an hour and a half. When I hung her on the scale a good 3-1/2 hours after catching her, she was still stinking alive. They truly are survivors and an absolutely amazing species.

    I'll be sure to be doing this sort of trip again. 2-hours driving for 3-hours of fishing may not seem worth it, but the solitude on the kayak in the morning and the wildlife and what not going on around me was fantastic. Couple that with some heart-attack inducing frog bites, and in my opinion, you have a pretty perfect outing.

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    nice job!
    I'm about to play my Ace

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    Dude! that looks absolutely awesome!

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    Great report!

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    Yell if you need a kayak wingman sometime. Thatís some fun fishing.

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    Nice report and glad you caught some. Good pictures also.
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    Message me


    Nice report eric cool pics to
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    I gotta get a 'yak. nice work, erik. awesome pix.

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    That is pretty cool! Good job!

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