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Thread: Brisket on the smoker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gsniper View Post
    Cherry wood fired pizza. That's my Wife's hand. She's a hand model you know.
    Looks good. My family and I camp a lot and have been doing small personal pizza's in the dutch oven over the campfire this year. Took some practice, but there is nothing like a wood fired pizza.

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    Old Bay crusted smoked chicken.
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    All this good looking food makes me hungry

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    Gonna try the 3-2-1 method on a couple racks of ribs this weekend. 3 hours smoke (i have side box that allows me to use seasoned hardwood, I got a stack of seasoned shagbark hickory and black cherry), 2 hours wrapped in foil w/ some liquid to get them to steam and really moist/tender (I'm thinking apple cider), then sauce them and do 1 hours over low direct heat to get em crisp on the outside.

    Might throw them in a brine tonight if I got time.

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