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    So Erik and I decided we were going to go up and fish some of the pads in and around Aquia on Saturday afternoon during the low tide. Loaded up our kayaks and his three kids and headed up hoping the traffic wasnt a total disaster. Amazingly the traffic wasnt too bad and we rolled right on up. Unloaded all the kayaks, got everything rigged and paddled out. Water was a bit stained but up inside the pads and grass it was relatively clear. Got in place just as the tide was nearing dead low. Immediately saw two snakeheads waking through and tossed a frog and had a blow up but pulled a rookie move and didnt let him take it and turn - just too excited. Erik also had a one blow up really early on. Both of us were thinking it was going to be good. Paddled around some more and I had another one blow up but totally miss the frog and would come back for it again. About dead low tide I had a wake about 8' from me and tossed it over and a bass blew up the frog in about 18" of water. Just as the tide switched, we were deep in the pads and had my third snakehead explode on a frog, he rolled and I stuck him but he ended up throwing the hook. At this point its hot and Im a little pissed at the fish. As we work our way back out I finally connected on a four pound snakehead, but not the size I was hoping for. But, the water was nice and cool, and we all had a fun day so I cant really complain. Plus, the traffic going home was perfect.

    A few pics from the day.

    Erik and his youngest
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    My snakehead and bass
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    Good times indeed.

    My boys had a blast...even though the two older boys didn't fish a whole lot. They spent most of their time walking the banks around the creek, swimming and tossing pad blooms/nuts at Brian. (BTW - Brian started it...) My middle one might have connected with Brian at one point, taking him completely out of the game for a bit. #nutshot

    My little one, Cody, is a fishing machine. This kid never ceases to amaze me with his persistence and awareness. He fished almost the entire 4-hour window on the water and never gave up hope that something would eat his little Spro. He couldn't wait to get a shot with that one NSH that Brian caught too.

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    Cool trip. Looks like fun in those Yaks!

    2004 Fishers of Men VA-East Division Champions

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