Had a very nice time guiding Matt on his first ever snakehead fishing trip. He absorbed all the knowledge I could share with him in short 6 hours together. Fishing was tough and the big storm we sat thru muddied up the main creek and dropped water temps. Tides where very good as I pushed my way around in the swamp for almost 4 hours straight. Had one snakehead nip at the lure and one on, but the little side set of the hook did not work so he escaped in the pads. Caught a catfish and a nice bass on a popper at golden hour. But it was a tough bite.

Capt Mike

Don and Kate fished with me a couple of years ago and got skunked. They were hoping for better tonight. It was tough but, we caught fish. A few nice bass on topwater and had two snakehead on and lost. Of course, as has been the pattern, a thunderstorm came over and we hunkered down with Capt Mike and got soaked for about twenty minutes with some pretty substantial winds as well.

Capt Dave