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Thread: LKA Report Friday 6/6/18

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    Default LKA Report Friday 6/6/18

    Got to the lake around 6 Am got a bit of scoop from CC at Anna Point water temps are in the 90s said they were suspending in 8-10 foot of water. So was looking for the deep after top water bite, Took off from Anna Point toward the splits and then up the Southern Arm Stopped at first cove past the little tree island and started with the buzz even though I thought i was too late but there was plenty of shade and I just can't put it down. it's like throwing a frog on the river. Got a nice little chunk in the furthers point of the cove in like 1 foot of water that the only one on a Buzz today.

    Looking at the Sonar saw nothing really in the 8-10 foot range then started seeing fish in the 14-20 foot range so I decided to go with a Drop shot I've never been any good with this but decided I had to learn rigged it up with a floating worm and went for it a couple more cast in and I had a nice 3 pounder hey this thing is fun I'm thin king so throw it more and end up with 4 on a drop shot most he fish came directly under the boat in 17 -20 foot of water all on floating worms.

    Ended the day around 11-12 with 4 on drop shot 1 on buzz bait and 1 on a spinner bait best day on Anna for me yet and my first 4 EVER on a drop Shot.

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    nice! the best way to work deep fish on pressured lakes - summer or winter. also very effective for suspended fish.

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    Nice job
    I'm about to play my Ace

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    Good job. Thanks for sharing!

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    Sweet nice job. Nit sure if I respect the fact you fish the lake this time of year or just think your crazy lol place is a mad house in summer and starts early. Don't think I'll be back till September.
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