Saturday was very nice weather with a cool breeze that kept the high tide from making it way back in the creek. About a foot lower than normal I tried a pad field to do some snakehead fishing but soon as we started back in the thick stuff I noticed the tide had turned and was rushing out quick. All my plans to show the writer on board how we do it where dashed. On to plan B. Poppers have been ruling the evening bite so we fished about 5 spots till the low tide showed those hard edges. Caught a few here and there but in the last hour got about 8 nice bass and a small snakehead. He had me taking the photos so I have none to share. Article will be in the Fishing and Hunting magazine that is free at most tackle shops in August.

Capt Mike

It was sweet not to sweat just because I was breathing, just a gorgeous day. My father and son team were great fishermen and got the techniques immediately. High tide wasn't as high as it should have been hence, we spent little to no time pad pushing. With tide flowing out fast, we went right to poppers on the edges. We caught some nice fish. My crew was pooped and we called it just a little too early. They said they'd be back and I look forward to seeing them.

Capt Dave