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    Curious has anyone been fishing Mattowoman Creek since the BIG SEWAGE Dump on June 11 2018 in the creek?

    Or is the creek just a Crappy Mess Pun Intended?

    I was thinking of putting in at Leesylvania this weekend and fishing the upper edges some Haven't been in Chicamuxen Creek this year at all also want to check out PoMonkey. I've heard the Grass in the North is really bad this year from others that have been putting in at Pohick, they says it very thin to nonexistent in some areas anyone been seeing anything they can report? Personally I think with all the rain we had the grass is getting a late start it just got blocked out by all the mud and debris in the water so now that its cleared up it can get to growing I could be wrong just a feeling though.

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    921, Mattowoman is fine. There are large areas in Mattowoman that do not have much grass as in years past. The pads are good especially as the tide gets lower. The grass line in front of the pads are good too. High tide you can fish in them. There is good grass in Chicamuxen also. Good luck.
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    No grass behind througafare island but the bass are holding around laydowns in the area.
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