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    I'm looking for a partner to fish with in a tournament sometime soon. Would prefer if they had a boat we could take out.

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    Bogdan is this for your school project? I don't fish very many tournament's. The ones i do support are for the vets or captaining for high school tournaments. I don't have anywhere near the experience of most on this site but to try to get out on Lake Anna regularly. I'll cover the boat and ramp expenses and you cover the entry (and you keep the winnings if any) Wet line has a charity tournament out of Sturgeon Creek next Saturday the 28th $100 entry and Anna Point has their Sunday morning tourney every week $110 I think. Sunday the 29th there is one out of Sturgeon also that is $50. If your interested let me know. Dave
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    Wet Line Charity tournament is on the 28th FYI.
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    Thanks Larry. Bogdan. Options for either Saturday or Sunday next week.

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