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Thread: Sml 27 jul 2018

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    Default Sml 27 jul 2018

    So, after 8 weeks off I finally got back out on the water today for a half day. Had intended to go a full day but the rek turdz chased me off around 1100. I've fished some events on SML on summer weekends so I know what the traffic can look like. Today was just crazy. Gooberheads everywhere and not a clue among them.

    I was focused on finishing up the break-in on the big motor but took some time to fish a bit in a couple places. First stop was way down lake near the dam, in one of the main lake cuts. Managed a punk on a spook and a barely-keeper on one of those new KVD 1.5 DDs. Both of these fish came off of points. From there I made a long run into the Blackwater arm. Stopped off in one of the main lake coves on the way out and hit a couple of offshore humps. One keeper on a c-rig, one swing-n-miss. From there I motored up into the Roanoke arm a good bit before settling in a feeder creek near the state park. I fished a couple of offshore humps there for a good bit without a sniff. Was marking fish but couldn't get them to eat. Saw something on the 360 that told me to move in some and hit the shallower water. Bingo. Solid 4 lb'er and another one around 2 1/2 off of the same hump (c-rig). Missed two others while jacking my jaws w/ a couple striper doods. The best part of this day was the hand held up nicely. It was a little sore and tired afterwards but I had no issues w/ casting, retrieving lures, or landing fish. All that running around took care of the break-in stuff.

    Observations. 1) Fish were holding on or suspended just off of the bottom in 20 to 30'. My better fish came from 5-7'. 2) Marked baitfish in a number of places hovering over the channels in 20-30'. I did not see any feeding activity associated w/ this but did see some surface feeding off in the distance. 3) Even w/ the recent heavy rain the water looked good. Slight stain at SMLSP w/ ~3-4' of viz. Water down lake was ~clear - easily 8-10' of viz. Water was a little more stained in the BW - maybe 2-3' of viz. Didn't see any floaters. Water level was ~normal. 4) Water temps ranged from 82 at SMLSP boat ramp to 80 down lake to 81 in the BW. 5) My best bites came on plastix (greens w/ a lil red).

    Still have a bit of a learning curve on this new sled. Gets a little squirrelly when I get above 65 (hit 68.8 @ 5600rmp today). Still playing w/ jackplate and trim to find the optimum settings for WOT running. Wanted to stay longer but it would've only frustrated me. Better to err on the side of safety and calm.


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    Nice report Brian. Glad to hear the hand held up and you'll be 100% soon enough

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    Glad to hear your back on the water.

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    Message me


    I know it was awesome to get back on water.
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    Good to hear your hand is much better! Fall will be here before you know it an open the lakes up some.

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    I was there Saturday but not to fish. Moneta looking different with all the new shopping centers.

    Lake looked kind of brown around the public ramp near Vinton
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