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Thread: LKA Report for 7-28/29

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    Default LKA Report for 7-28/29

    Lee and I have not been out since May 20th, so we figured we would give it hell for 2 days this past weekend at LKA.
    On Saturday, the WLP Charity Series held their event at Sturgeon Creek and they had a good turnout with 17 boats. Blue Ridge Food Bank was the selected charity this time and Bill Haire of Deep Creek Lures fixed up some lunch. Having no clue what the lake looked like or what the fish were doing we decided on some mid lake early topwater spots that didn't produce. From there we hopped around and went up as far as Foremost Creek where we caught our only two fish that kept. Both on jigs close to grass with some sort of structure close by like a ramp, dock, rock or wall. Shade helped a lot also. Anyway, not a very productive day, but we did learn a bit. Weighed in 4.42 lbs, BS'ed with Wayne, Scott & Teresa Cain, and a few others. Blinker trim switch went out on us towards the end, so stopped at Anna Marine Center with no luck for a replacement on the way home.
    Going into Sunday, we felt we had a decent plan, so we opted to fish Dave's Sunday AM Series at Anna Point. Nice turnout with 25 boats with a lot of regular faces. We immediately ran up the Anna side and started at the 719 bridge and began to hit every cove and cut coming back downlake on the north side. All of these have grass on the main points around docks, rocks, etc and this continues way back into each cut / cove. Found the fish stationed mainly in front 1/3 of the cuts and they were willing to hit buzzbaits and jigs up close and into the least until about 9am. Sun came out, recturd waves came out.......Then it died. We struggled after that and only culled once. Trim acted up again and using the trim switch on the throttle got us through the day. Was glad to finish up at 11am, as the recturds were out in force. We finished in 7th place with a little gas money and 8.97 lbs. These 6am-11am are a lot of fun and quite popular this figure we may hit a few more. Everyone we talked to had the same thing to say......catch em early or you won't catch them at all.
    Lastly, we found out we lost a great guy and true sportsman on Saturday. Jake Cornwell was a member of the Mattaponi Hunt Club and worked hard to show Veterans a good time in conjunction with Bob Critcher's Wounded Warrior event. Fished against him for a lot of years. RIP Jake.
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    sounds like a good weekend
    I'm about to play my Ace

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    Good job team Dirt!

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    Gotta love the Lake Anna Recturds....LOL
    I hope to get out there and catch a few bass this next week or so...finally got 2 weeks off from work, so just praying for some decent weather. Glad you guys caught a few out there...Anna is a tough one in the summer

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    Nice post Larry sounds like a fun weekend. May fish Anna this Saturday for a few hours. All other water ways are trashed
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    Way to adjust and cash Team Dirt!

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