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    Has anyone ever used this on deers? whats the result?

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    I would not think that bow would be a good choice for deer hunting. It list its FPS at 270. Thats MAX so realistically its going to be much less than that. The speed is not what concerns me as much as the kinetic energy. My guess is shooting an average grain hunting arrow (some where near 400 grains), draw weight set close to 60 pounds and draw length about 28" (thats about the average of most shooters, you may be longer or shorter, but 28" is average), my guess is you are looking at much less that 270 FPS. Now with the slower FPS you are gonna want to shoot a heavier arrow to help with KE, but now its going to be even slower.

    I am not saying that, that bow will not kill a deer, but for me I would look for a different bow.

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