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Thread: Coming back down Tursday the 29th, but what about the algae blooms?

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    Default Coming back down Tursday the 29th, but what about the algae blooms?

    Saw the VA DEQ has issued algae bloom warnings for North Anna and Pumunkey arms. Guess folks are getting sick from being in the water in both areas. Has this affected the striper fishing? I usually fish from the splits up towards Hunter's Landing. Have not been on the lake for about 2 weeks and just want to know what to expect..........any info would be appreciated!

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    Haven't been up arms but have seen bloom down around power plant. Don't think it's bothered the fishing as much as the rec boats. Judging by the pure number of wake boards water skiers tubers and jet skis I'd say if it's bothering people thousands should be sick. I kick myself in the head when I go there this time of year to fish. What was I thinking.
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    its not good...[0]=68.ARDJpU3Szo24fPNlBZgYdaWbsLU4_DIPhaYEFPV4xaos4V 22dNLU99Pqo0X77IjR_8P7soyfA5J-iAF2zMJZdrZ4XNbuVdBE4JPkB_282lOwnfPKhKFAnjb7-MvrF_pWVznT1Gg&__tn__=C-R

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    The problem is partially man-made. Destroying submerged vegetation destroys beneficial nitrogen users, and the blue-green algae can move in.

    My community rarely dealt with toxic algae until the state and local authorities eliminated most submerged vegetation in a local lake.

    Here is a quote from a biologist describes what is happening:

    "Often people want to eliminate all the unsightly vegetation in their pond as fast as possible and stock too many fish, only to find the carp quickly grow and consume all plants. This will leave the available nutrients that were once tied up in vegetation to fuel pond algae growth, leading to undesired blue-green algae blooms which produce toxins. Excessive grass carp also lead to the loss of habitat for smaller fish and wildlife and overstocking has many negative effects and should be avoided."

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