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    making a permission to hunt letter for private land. like some feed back. im sending a picture from google maps of the location to which Im asking for the permission.
    no neg comments please

    Hello my name is ,

    First I would like to apologize for contacting you in this manner, but this was the best way I knew how to reach out to you. Ideally, I would have liked to ask you this in person.

    I am writing you to see if you would be willing to grant me permission to hunt a small portion of your property. Upon scouting for new areas, I came across your land and feel like your property might be a good location for waterfowl. I have a app that lists land owners so this is how I was able to reach out to you. My son and I have recently gotten into waterfowl hunting this is only game that I am interested in hunting on your land if granted access. To tell you a little more about my son his name is and is 12 years old. He loves the outdoors and nature so I try and encourage that in everyway. Hunting is a good way I feel to help teach him great values like responsibility, work ethic, conservation, value of life, and so much more. It is also one of the rare times that I get to spend time and bond with him. To tell you some about myself , I am employed full time at a veterinary office in and part time at a resort called . I guide outdoor activities for clients at such as clay shooting, ATV tours, kayaking and upland hunting, so on. My son and I are both up to date with all the state rules and regulations of hunting in our area. Also, we both have completed a hunters safety course. We would of course respect any specific concerns or conditions that you may have in regards to us hunting if you allowed us to hunt. If you are open to the possibility and/or willing to negotiation in some way I would love to speak to you. I look forward to hopefully hearing from you.

    Thank you for your time in reading this and consideration.

    You can call or text me at

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    The VDGIF has a permission to hunt affidavit that is available online that you might attach to your letter. Google it and you can find it pretty easy. Good luck
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