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Thread: Camping with Kids for the First Time

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    I have camped a lot throughout my college life and mid-20s, but not am married with two kids. My kids are really curious about camping and want to experience it with me, but i always doubt about my eligibility to take kids camping for the first time.

    I have read articles like these but am not really sure if i am not really missing something.

    Can you tell me how was your camping experience with kids and what you have learnt that might help me?

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    I've taken my girls camping since they were 5. We always stayed in parks where they were close to ~traditional bathrooms and showers. We never ruffed it. A few things I did to ease them into it: 1) I bought some of those folding cots from Walmart. they have pretty decent padding and (most importantly) got the girls off the ground. 2) Instead of one big, family-sized tent I bought two smaller (2 PAX) dome tents. That way the girls had their own hooch, could set it up anyway they wanted. 3) I always had an agenda. It was usually outdoor focused but sometimes we'd venture off to see historical sites or take them someplace where they could shop (girls remember). 4) They always had a role in cooking. I did the dishes but they had sous or cooking duties for every meal. This practice has lingered into their adult lives - when we get together for a visit cooking is always a team sport. And it all started on a camping trip.

    Good luck!

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    I've been taking my daughter camping every year since she was born. first year in a big tent, but bought a pop-up camper a couple years ago and she loves it. We stay in campgrounds, haven't gone off grid with her yet. Also got her her own head lamp and sleeping bag, so its special stuff she only uses when we go camping. As Airborne said, its important to keep them engaged so they don't get bored and start complaining. My girl brings toys (she's only 4) and plays in the dirt a lot, but we go on a lot walks, play in the creeks when warm enough, she helps cooking, etc.

    Marsh-mellows/smores are also a good incentive to get them excited about it.

    She caught a creek chub on a fly rod this summer...hoping to get her into it more as she gets older.

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    We have camped a few times a year since my son was two. He is now 17, and daughter is 14. We have usually (but not always) gone with another family so the kids had other kids to hang out with. When they are with other kids, they are more likely to entertain themselves without getting bored. Great memories over the years.

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