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    Tough day Friday. Found plenty of stripers but no one was hungry. Talked to several others out there that could not get a hit either. Live bait guys and I were on these fish up the Anna arm that were stacked tight and no takers.

    Going out in the rain this morning after some coffee..............

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    That sounds like most days that I've gone striper fishing. Good luck today.

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    Another bust today in the rain. Found them again, but they ignored everything that I threw at them .

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    Same here, last 4 weekends straight have not found them feeding. Found them but couldn't get them to eat.
    I turned to green fish that were more willing but still slow.
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    I havent had any luck lately either; caught an about 19” largemouth where the splits open up near the state park shoreline; my 3yo daughter almost got it to the boat but got tired. lots of bait there, seemed to be less bait after stubbs bridge uplake today then there had been the last few days. Was really hoping today would be the day stuff picked up but i guess not. Im thinking this friday will be good. Warm at least. Ill let everyone know if i start catching any and where if yall let me know lol... Name:  80938896-AED8-4C8C-9646-276C3787BE23.jpeg
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