A Christmas fishing tip for all of my fishing buddies when throwing a Silver Buddy type bait.

Anyone who has fished a blade knows the familiar thump they feel when a fish smacks your silver buddy/vault blade bait. But when the bass arenít aggressive and their noses are pinned to the bottom, then bumping bottom and keeping the bait in the strike zone as long as possible is the name of the game. Thats what Iíve had to do with the blade bait lately to get bit. Retrieving a Vault Blade bait ever so slowly letting it vibrate, yet keeping it in contact with the bottom. Iím going to call it ď Nose Walking a Silver BuddyĒ. The bites are unbelievably subtle! They normally miss it on their first try so Iíll kill it...a lot of times they will pick it off the bottom after Iíve killed it, or theyíll grab it once I start retrieving the bait again.