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    Hello My name is Chad.

    I have a small Jon Boat and kayak. I love fishing on my days off....which are rare. I am looking for a thread that will help me make the most of my fishing trips. I really appreciate any tip and good fishing spots to bring young children.


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    Welcome aboard, Chad. I frequent SML - usually in the spring and fall. Hate the rec boat traffic there in the warmer weather. One of my fav places to fish in the winter. We have a section on this site dedicated to SML - recommend checking it out for background, fishing info. Can't beat the state park for an outing w/ the kids. Lots of good structure, cover in there to fish. And it's all out of the way of the boat traffic. You never have to leave the no-wake area.

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    I follow a dude on FB that does really well out of a Kayak at SML..think he mostly fishes at night though
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