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Thread: Third place report, Hangover Classic

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    Default Third place report, Hangover Classic

    All the reports were Anna was fishing tougher then normal. No surprise there. Add to that, from the first bridges up was nothing but dirty and cold water. So I figured a 12-13 pound would win the day, and a limit of any size would be a good that was my plan, to get a limit. But thats always the plan, ha.
    First stop was the flat in the back of Sturgeon Creek. We picked up three small keepers with jerk baits and proceeded to fish our way out of the creek. Next stop was the bluff wall between sturgeon and contrary. Picked up a 2-1/2 pounder on a jig there. Then ran into pigeon creek and got our last keeper. Spent the rest of the day searching for a kicker but we had no more bites after 11:00.
    So that was it. A simple plan to get five and we did...and as predicted, we won a little jingle with a 7 pound limit, with thirteen and change winning it.

    Congratulations to Larry and Lee on a great win!

    VAO Rocks...and so do all the men that fish it! They are the best!

    Thanks guys, I had a great time as always!
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    nice work, Jim!

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    Congrats Jim. Good seeing you and Eric.
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    Nice job Jim
    I'm about to play my Ace

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    Good to see you Jim. Good work out there. Only a couple limits weighed.

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    Nice work out there fellas

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