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Thread: 2019 Hangover Classic - Good Times

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    Nothing really significant to report here. LOL. Bryce and I teamed up on a very nice January day and went on the search for LKA bass. We spent way more time searching than catching and ran from below The Splits to Valentines and plenty of places in between. I caught one early on a JB off a point, then had a better one shake loose shortly thereafter. Tossed the swim-bait and rolled it along the bottom where I caught another off the same point. Came back to that spot later in the day and while I was retying and just floating down the side of the point, Bryce caught one on a jerkbait, which totally made his day. We had four bites, all on the same spot, and nothing from anywhere else. Water temps are certainly warmer this time of year than most, with 53 downlake and 47 or so up above 208.

    We certainly didn't light them up, but we had fun and it was great to see some folks I hadn't seen in a while. Bryce put his new Shimano SLX casting combo to work. This was his first casting reel that he had just received for Christmas, and it was fun watching his confidence and proficiency grow as the day progressed. He'll be bombing the long frog casts before we know it.

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    Great work out there on what sounds like a tough day...I was out there just before New Years and the fishing was tough then too.

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    It was good seeing you again Eric. You’re a great Dad.
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    Team Lunde rox

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