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Thread: Jan 1-5 LKA tough week

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    Default Jan 1-5 LKA tough week

    Just bad juju this week. All throwbacks and no keepers so far. Took Ellen out with me today to change things up. Still no keepers. Ellen caught a few jumbo perch that we kept for fish tacos. Pic below is not a jumbo...........

    Best I could manage was a jumbo perch and this 19" throwback hybrid.

    Maybe tomorrow will be better?
    I do know that some other folks have had better luck this week............

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    nice work even without the keeps - you're on them.

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    From everybody I talked to who regularly are out there after have been struggling as well. This winter is nothing like last winter, I may have to go back to hunting next year.
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    Has anyone been having any luck? I havent been out in a little while, and wont for a while, accidently broke my femur snowboarding. Should have stuck with fishing this winter... as soon as i can get around good enough again hopefully ill spend a lot of time out.

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    Sorry to hear about the leg Mark. Wind, rain, or sub-freezing temps have kept me off the water since the first week of Jan.........and probably will keep me off for a while if the 10-day forecast is correct.

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