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Thread: Smith Mtn Lake, 3 FEB 2019

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    Default Smith Mtn Lake, 3 FEB 2019

    Couldn't pass up on 60* weather on the first weekend of FEB so I hit the lake for a few hours today. Was shocked to see the state park ramp parking lot empty. Finally had another boat come in just as I was floating mine. Maybe saw 10 boats all day, all bass boats. A good thing.

    Water was maybe 18-24" down and clear when I put in. Headed across from the S-turn and worked a couple of main lake coves, focusing on points and offshore structure. Took some experimenting but finally got one to eat a jerkbait. This fish came off a deep water dock. Picked one up on an underspin off of an offshore hump not too long after that. Hooked up on a beast - don't think it was a bass tho' - off that same hump a few casts later but it pulled off. From there I bounced uplake and hit a couple of the feeder creeks south of the 122 bridge. Water warmed but only slightly. Had a couple hits on the underspin and one more on the jerkbait before calling it a day.

    Observations: 1) Saw 41.5* at launch, 43.3* uplake. Water in the main channel is clear - easily 8-10' of viz. Water picks up a little stain as you move towards the backs of creeks - maybe 4-5' of viz. 2) Saw some clumps of lite green flotsam, almost algae-looking, as I was tying off. Saw this same stuff everywhere I went. Not sure what it was. Reminiscent of algae bloom in summer. Maybe dying phytoplankton??? 3) I marked a handful of baitfish pods, mostly in the creek channels. I did see some herring pods in the backs of creeks. All of this was in 20+' of water. 4) Gulls and loons everywhere but no signs of feeding fish anywhere I went. 5) I marked lots of fish in the 20-25' range just about everywhere I went. Main lake points, secondary points, and ledges all held fish. Did not see much suspended. Marked a few fish holding on brush/rock piles, also in 20-25'. 6) The bite started to pick up as the sun came out. Did not take long for things to warm up. Would've loved to stay a bit longer but I had kitchen duty.

    Spent quite a bit of time w/ some new KVD deep diving jerkbaits. They are dead on w/ the advertised depth. I was digging up bottom in 9-10' routinely. The clear colors (ayu, clear water minnow) show up very well in clear water. Believe these are gonna be invaluable as the fish start to move up to feed.


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    Always good to get out on a warm day. Sounds like it was a decent time out as well.
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    Nice job 31.....

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    nice work
    Make VAO Great again

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    Nice day out B.
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