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    Default 2019 trip

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    Finally got out a little this year. Went over to West By God Virginia with a buddy for a weekend. Caught 6, but the smallest was 14-15" and the largest was around 20". WV has been doing great things with their hatchery program the last few years. Unfortunately ended the weekend by slipping and filling up my waders while reeling one in....but i did land it before hiking a very cold and heavy .5 mile back to the truck.

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    nice fish
    I'm about to play my Ace

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    Nice fish, and while I'm sure it was not the way you wanted to end your day, it does give you a good story to tell.

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    Really pretty rainbows. Those look like wild fish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryan 2 View Post
    Really pretty rainbows. Those look like wild fish.
    Either wild or at the very least they were holdovers from previous years' stockings. Generally the current year's fish are much more silvery and don't have as pronounced pink on their gill plate.

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