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Thread: Pre-spawn tips for Lake Anna.

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    Default Pre-spawn tips for Lake Anna.

    Right now the bass on lake anna are in a late winter early pre-spawn pattern. Which means they are chewing. They are going to be shallow near deep water but they aren’t going to venture too far away from their deep water haunts. Once water temps raise into the mid fifties range they will transition towards their shallower spawning areas. You’ll probably start catching them on banks where you haven’t caught them yet this year. Once water temps reach a steady 57 to 63 degrees you need to be shallow looking for beds. You will find a few early spawners already on the bed but a mass spawn should be in full force as water temps get into the 63-67 degree range.
    So don’t get caught behind the spawn...think ahead, watch the weather forecast closely and try to anticipate how quickly water temps will come up, because bass will go on bed literally overnight.

    See you on the water my friends.
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    Nice tips Jim.
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