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Thread: FOM east, March 30th TX wrap up.

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    Default FOM east, March 30th TX wrap up.

    Fishers of Men, East Division, Kerr Tournament Report. March 30th.

    My brother from another mother Jim Sutton and I went down to Kerr this past Wednesday, March 26 to practice for the Tx. Our goal this year in FOM is to have fun and try and win the Division that order!
    Water temps starting out Wednesday morning was 50-51 degrees with a high reaching about 57 later that day. With good weather forecasted we decided to run the back of spawning pockets looking for spawning fish moving in. What we found was exactly that. Males were moving in and the females would show up as water temps got higher later in the day. Every day Jim Sutton managed to catch one between four and five pounds and we both would catch a couple-in the 3+ pound range. We figured 15-16 pounds would keep us close to the top in our goal in the hunt for a Division Title so we had the pattern to do that.
    On tournament day everything went according to plan except for the big fish. We needed that 4-5 pounder but we never got that bite. We ended up with 11+ pounds in the tournament for a 12-13th place finish maybe...but you know what, we had fun and lots of it, so our number one goal was a complete success!

    See you on the water my friends. May the God of Abr aham love you and bless you!
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    Good job Jim! Good to dee you guys this weekend!

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    As usual, team J to the second power is within striking distance for the win if not in the winners circle. Sounds like you guys had a solid plan of attach and just didn't have that one kicker. Great write up Jim!
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    Nice job J2!
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    Keep enjoying the fishing bud the rest is just toppings not necessary. Sounds like you all had a solid plan and around the fish.
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