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Thread: Chesdin - FOM Legacy - April 5th and 6th

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    Default Chesdin - FOM Legacy - April 5th and 6th

    Preface - for all the lurkers out there, this post will be completely irrelevant in the next 24-48 hours and going forward...but please enjoy otherwise.

    My first report in quite a while, but that's because I haven't fished in quite a while. Bryce and I have been talking and thinking about this event for some time now, especially since last year on Chesdin I let at least 15lbs swim away at the boat. Needless to say, we were looking forward to a little redemption.

    Friday was just a mess. As I opened up the garage in the dark to hook up, the skies opened up and started letting go. It never really stopped all day and fortunately we went out Thursday evening and got Bryce a cheap rain suit. He was dry as a bone, but otherwise cold, tired and miserable, as I plugged thru a long day of mostly nothingness. Water temps were 54-56 and I could only find one bite all day. It was a good spinnerbait bite, at probably 4lbs or so, but it was all we had. We loaded up and went to the meeting to find that everyone else had really struggled in their respective practice days as well. We knew it would be a tuff day on Saturday, and thus I was far from excited about getting back up and grinding it out again.

    Saturday morning I hit the snooze button a few times too many, and we ended up getting there kind of late. We rushed to get to the ramp but we were still the last boat in. As boat #6, we just waived and let everyone go as I got my rods out and motor warmed up. No bite, no rush was my thinking. All we had was the one bite from Friday, so I went straight to that point and hooked up on a nice fish on about my 4th to 5th cast. She pulled and pulled and ultimately pulled right off, right at the boat, and just short of the net. I lost a bunch of fish last year in the four FOM events we fished, and here we are with the first derby fish of this season, and I lost it. All I could think about was how bad that loss would hurt us at the end of the day, knowing that the bite was so tuff.

    From there we fished up, down, in, and out all over the lake, with nothing but a dink on a jerkbait to show for the effort. I was really frustrated and ultimately resorted to tying up a C-rig. I told Bryce we'd go back down to the cleanest water we could find and just toss the ball-n-chain for the last hour. Just before I pulled up the trolling motor though, Bryce says to me. "You know what, we were rushing this morning and we didn't say the prayer we normally say. Maybe that would help?" My frustrated heart and head softened immediately and I just thought to myself, 'fair enough'. I let him offer up a prayer before our short run back down lake and it changed the whole mood in the boat and for the remainder of the day.

    We ran back down lake where I saw on my graph a point with the main channel running right up to the point, with a hard turn and some nice flats off to the side. it was like a light went off, and "There has to be fish on this point, Bryce, I feel it". We stop, I get out the Megabass 110 and I hooked up on a 14"er just a couple casts into it. "Sweet!!!" We're not shut out, but this is Chesdin, and that's a nothing fish for this lake. A couple minutes later, I hooked up on another one...and this one was better. In the 2-3lb class and we were pretty pumped up just to be catching. I told him we would just finish there and hope that a couple more come up to eat...we just have to keep casting. Maybe 15-minutes later I hooked into another one. She hit hard, but then ran at the boat and I thought it was a smaller fish, till she got close...then she got mad. It was a scary 3-4 minutes as we tugged it out and she made multiple runs under the boat and into deep water, but finally, I won and Bryce got the net under her. A good 4+lber to end the day, and winning that battle felt pretty dang awesome.

    As the weigh in started and as we talked to folks at the dock, we heard how everyone struggled. Multiple folks with none, 1 or just 2 fish, and I was like "Dang Bryce, we might get a little something back?" Amazingly, our 3 fish were enough to take the win and big fish at 4.28lbs. Only 8.62lbs won, which is normally just one springtime Chesdin chub. I'm still dumbfounded, but will gladly take it. In the end, it was a 19 boat field, with only 8 boats weighing a fish, and only one small limit making it to the scales. Tuff, tuff, tuff...but after this coming week it should be absolutely on fire, the way Chesdin in April should be.

    Redemption? Not so much considering how off the bite was, but certainly a great day on the water and yet another memory made in with the FOM Legacy Series. Check them out if you want to make some great memories and continue the legacy of this great sport. The next tournament is May 11th on Lake Anna. For more info see:

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    Great write up Erik, very happy for you and your son, that is surely what it is all about! Team Lunde getting it done!
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    Congrats. Time on the water with your son is what it is all about
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    congrats on the win, erik. Bryce took the lead, showed dad a thing or two.

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    Well done by you and Bryce! Way to stick with it on a tough day. Congratulations!

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    Congrats on a day to remember with your son!

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    Congrats Erik on the win and a great time on the water with your son.
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    Great report, congrats on the win!

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    nice job Erik!
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