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Thread: The cable outdoor channels are terrible

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    Default The cable outdoor channels are terrible

    First off it seems like 90% of everything on the cable outdoor channels is a hunting show - I only care about these during hunting season. Two, it seems like 10% is fishing shows where you see them catch a few fish and then its all about sponsors blah blah blah. If I am honest with myself, I will admit that my 10 year old daughter has taught me that YouTube has millions of things to watch.

    By far, I think the best thing to happen is a gopro camera, some of the best content is on youtube. I have learned a ton more from a handful of youtube channels than you could from any cable channel. Many of these guys arent "sponsored" so they really dont give two craps about droning on for the paycheck.

    Personally, I think you can flush the outdoor channels for ever...

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    I used YouTube extensively when doing research on my last kayak. I also got turned on the Ned rig as well.

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    Are you seriously just realizing this?

    I dropped cable long ago, and have not missed the content, fishing or otherwise, one bit.

    There is a world of knowledge out there on the internet, and cable hunting and fishing programs just flat out stink.

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    Live sports is all they have to offer, even the news is just garbage these days

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