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Thread: How are you guys going to approach fishing this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squire View Post
    Yup. You found it! It’s a great read.
    $194 for a used book on fishing will be a hard sell to the family CFO! LOL

    Would love to borrow it but I doubt we're in the same town. I'm in Sterling, VA.

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    Those arenít Bass Iím guessing, oxygen is the number one variable in ponds during summer. A lot of times fishing is best in the middle of the day during the know that whole photosynthesis byproduct thing. Anyway, not the case in every pond but pond bass are not typically deep in summer.

    I would suggest aqua-vu, chicken livers or corn. Should clear this mystery pretty quick.

    BTW, liking these fish thought provoking threads Brian!

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