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Thread: Plans for the 4th?

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    Default Plans for the 4th?

    I am narrowing down my list of places to fish on the long weekend. However, I am planning to not do something as stupid as last weekend. Told my wife I am getting up at 4:20AM to be fishing right as it was getting light out. I also thought I would be nice and load up "everything" the night before, so all I had to do was get up, get dressed and drive. Alarm goes off, follow the plan like a boss. I get to the lake, load up my kayak and went back to the truck for the last thing. It was then that it hit me.... I forgot my F*c$@! paddle. Loaded all the crap back in the truck, drove 30 minutes back to the house, grabbed my F*c$@! paddle, drove 30 minutes back and re-loaded the kayak. I know I am not the only one to do stupid stuff like this - not calling you out but I know many of you admitting to something similar (boat keys, rods etc.).

    In any case, what are yalls plans for the 4th?

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    Fish river tomorrow. Fish river on Friday. Rest and do stuff with wife Saturday and Sunday
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    Smoking ribs and butts today. Fishing Larry's VAO river deal tomorow.
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    I will be lamenting not being able to fish. Will try to make up for it w/ ribs, 'ritas, and surf while at the beach. Fireworks tonite.

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