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Thread: Kerr - May 14-17 '09

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    Default Kerr - May 14-17 '09

    Spent a long weekend w/ the guys for a club event. Water is at 302 which means that every bush on the lake is in the water. Water in the downlake areas (towards the dam) is pretty clear - 4+' of viz just about everywhere from Panhandle Creek down. Water uplake (vic Occoneechee) is still heavily stained - maybe 18" of viz in the backs of creeks; a little better on the main lake. Morning water temps ranged from 71 on THUR to 74 on SUN (got pretty warm on SAT so the water heated up). Highest water temp I saw was on SAT in the back of Eastland creek (76 degrees).

    We found a couple of patterns that produced fish - the famous flooded Kerr buckbrush and secondary points. Senkos (greens) were the most productive in the bushes for numbers and quality. Dropshot was the ticket on points. Did not catch as many keepers on the d/s rig but my two best fish did come on a green pmkn Davis shaky worm (~ 3 lbs). Topwater bite was hit and miss for us. Poppers were most effective. Had a few on a Spook Jr. Did not throw a lot of crankbaits but did manage a couple on medium runners (shad pattern) on main lake and secondary points. Threw a spinnerbait off and on throughout the weekend w/ mixed results. The white bass loved it, but the LM wanted something slower. Worked a PacTac jig (green w/ Paca trailer) on main and secondary points w/ limited success. Did manage a couple, but didn't stay w/ the jig long enough to say it was a pattern.

    Observations: 1) Caught fish in the dirty water uplake but that kind of fishing is slow. Gotta make perfect casts repeatedly to the same spot to get bit. Patience is the key. 2) Fish were willing to venture away form cover to take a bait in the clearer water, but the better bites came when we yo-yo'ed the bait in or over a bush. 3) Found a few surprises in my live well - bass are feeding on a wide variety of things. Shad, small bass, crawfish, panfish. 4) Did not spot any panfish beds but there were lotsa bluegill cruising the shallow flats. That event is not far off. 5) Did not see any bedding bass but some of the guys in the club did. A couple managed to catch a few sight fishing. All of the fish we caught were post spawn. 6) Fry everywhere in the buckbrush. 7) Marked huge schools of baitfish in the mouths of creeks and over main creek channels. Did not see any striper activity. 8) Marked fish everywhere in the water column on key structure (points, ledges, channel turns). If there was any submerged timber on the structure the fish were stacked up on it.

    Just1More - looked/listened for ya. Hope you had a good trip. SUN was definitely the day to be there. Bite was stoooopid crazy with that front pushing thru. Thank God for Frogg Toggs.

    Tight lines.

    ATW, B

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    I went down today, Mon the 18th; post front, winds N NE at 15 to 20+. Bite was stoooopidly stingy! HA, Ha. Did manage to get my limit for 10 pounds. Nothing in the bushes, or on secondary drops. Everything came from wind blown secondary points on a crank bait and only while Kerr was pulling down the water about 4 /6 inches. Nothing before or after they pulled water. Looks like there will be allot of 10 to 12 pound limits for FOM. We will need a kicker or two Brian to get in the top 10. We were very restricted on where we could fish today but I did manage to find out enough to maximize my pre-fish day when we go back. See you guys on the water.
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