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Thread: Lowrance 520c not working...

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    Of the five Lowrance units I have had on three boats over the last 14 years, I have had problems with all but one of them. Now, before we get into bashing Lowrance and their products, I do believe that as sophistocated and high tech as these things have evolved into, there is going to be stuff that goes wrong with them. I know that you expect that the money you lay out for these things goes to buy a quality product, BUT. Anyway, I have NEVER had Lowrance turn down fixing or (almost always) replacing a bad unit with a like unit or upgrading to a newer one for free while under warranty. Two times, they never questioned the warranty date and just replaced the unit. I deal with Linda Colt at Lowrance exclusively and she WILL treat you right. Here is her information. I would keep it handy.
    Linda Colt
    Customer Service Department

    12000 East Skelly Drive

    Tulsa, Ok 74128

    1-800-324-1356 #8747

    Direct line 918-438-8747

    Fax 918-234-1745

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    Dirtman this is some great info. Wish I had it a few years back, cause I have had Lowrance not fix two of my units under warranty, that were still under warranty. They would say that I caused the problem????? One unit started having problems after it was used one day during a rain storm. So much for being waterproof. I have yet to figure that one out. I just figure it is like the automobile industry they all build there share of JUNK.

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