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Thread: Results - Lake Anna - 3/13/10

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    Default Results - Lake Anna - 3/13/10

    Lake Anna Results

    Good tournament with a fortunate repreive on the weather. We thought it was going to be rough, but we were spared the brunt of it. The fish were on for most of us and almost all of us caught fish. The majority of fish were caught downlake on jerk-baits, C-rigs and a couple nice fish, including Dave's big-fish, came on Rat-l-Traps.

    1 Tommy E. 5/5 11-1.5oz
    2 Greg M. 4/4 9-.5oz
    3 Dave C. 4/4 8.8oz - Big Fish - 5-1oz
    4 Erick F. 5/5 8-0.5oz
    5 Mitchell P. 1/1 - 4-12oz
    6 Jody M. 1/1 1-2oz
    7 Erik L. 0/0
    8 Scott C. 0/0

    Tournament Stats:
    Anglers/Bags: 8/6
    Total Fish Caught: 20
    Total Fish Released: 20
    Limits Caught: 2
    Big Fish: 5.06
    Total Weight Caught: 42.52
    Avg Bag Weight: 7.10
    Avg Fish Weight: 2.12

    Two of our nicest fish weighed today were by 'Super Dave' with big fish for the day at 5-1oz and also Mitchell P. with 4-12oz.

    "Super Dave" - 5lbs 1oz - Rat-L-Trap

    Mitchell P. - 4lbs 12oz - Caroline Rigged Lizard
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    thanks for the results update.....also a big thank you for picking that mount up.... Got that jewl on there shortly after we left you, our day ended the same with no fish... should of stayed down lake but just

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