** Random acts of kindness these days are often difficult to find.**I experienced one today that I thought should be mentioned.*** I had to deliver a package of kayaks to a resort Monday. One of the boats came from the warehouse with a broken part that needed to be pop-riveted back in place. I don't have a pop-rivet tool, so I resolved to buy some stainless steel screws and remount the hardware that way.*
** Sturgeon Creek Marina was the only place open on a Sunday afternoon with a large (I mean large) selection of said screws, so I headed on over. I bought two screws and caught Manager Chris James in the tackle shop. I told him of my problem and without hesitation told me he would go home and get his pop-rivet tool for me.*** "Are you kidding?" I thought to myself. Chris is going to take time out from his Sunday afternoon and bring me a tool to borrow? Yep. In 10 minutes he was back with the tool and I bought four rivets (in case I messed up the first two) and was on my way back to the kayak shop.
**The rivets went in perfectly and I returned the gun to James afterward.
**Moral of the story - think of Sturgeon Creek Marina (540.895.5095) when you need a part ASAP and nice folks to sell it to you. Thanks, Chris. You made my week.

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